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If you’re looking for a way to permanently replace a missing tooth, or teeth, or if you need to restore an existing dental implant, our Mendham, NJ implant dentist can provide you with several options. At Dentistry of Mendham, Dr. Naren Rajan has been practicing restorative dentistry for more than a decade.

If you’re considering dental implants to restore your smile, Dr. Rajan can schedule an initial evaluation to determine the best treatment options for your specific situation. Whether it’s replacing a single tooth, an entire set of teeth, or maybe even restoring an existing dental implant, Dr. Rajan is trained in the latest cosmetic dental treatments to restore your full smile. On this page we have included a brief description of dental implants and what to expect with implant dentistry. We hope it will help you decide if this type of restorative dentistry is right for you.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth that are surgically placed into the upper or lower jawbone by a dentist or periodontist, which is a specialist of the gums and supporting bone. If dental implants are determined to be the best path of treatment, Dr. Rajan will refer you to a trusted surgeon for the implant placement. For implant placement, Dr. Rajan works closely with only a few trusted implant dentists.
Dental implants can be a great alternative to partial or complete dentures. Dental implants can also be used to provide excellent support and stability for dentures.

Dental implants are very strong, stable and durable and will last for many years, but on occasion they will have to be re-tightened or restored due to normal wear. Dr. Rajan provides quality, trusted dental implant restorations.

Reasons to Consider Dental Implants:
• Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth.
• Dental implants may resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space.
• To restore a patient’s confident smile.
• To restore chewing, speech, and digestion.
• To restore or enhance facial tissues.
• Can be used to support a bridge or denture, making them more secure and comfortable.

How Do I Care for my Dental Implants?

Your new teeth must be cared for and checked regularly, just like your natural teeth. Brush and floss as recommended by your dentist or dental hygienist. See your dentist in six months, or more frequently if advised.

If you have questions or concerns about dental implants, contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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