New Patient Experience

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We offer a new patient visit unlike most other dental offices. Dr. Rajan's extensive continuing education has led him to develop a comprehensive approach to meeting, examining and listening to patient's concerns.

Your first visit with us begins with a 1 hour visit with the doctor where a comprehensive examination will be completed and patients have ample time to share their experiences and concerns. The examination is followed by a visit with one of our dental hygienists if appropriate.

While many patients report feeling rushed through dental visits with inadequate time to discuss their dental issues, we pride ourselves in providing the time to properly evaluate, discuss and gather the necessary data for proper diagnose our patients.

The visit will feature:

  • Comprehensive Head, Neck, Dental and TMJ (Jaw Joint) Evaluation
  • 3D Digital Modeling using 3Shape Trios Intraoral Digital Impression Scanner
  • Digital Photo series
  • Digital X Rays as needed
  • Oral Cancer Screening and Soft Tissue evaluation
  • Full Periodontal evaluation (screening for Gum Disease)
  • Cavity detection
  • Evaluation of existing dental restorations
  • Review of Medical conditions and history
  • Consideration of previous dental visits and experiences

3D Digital Color Modeling. With No Mess. No Gagging.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning and Complex Dental Problems

Many cases can be handled with multiple approaches.  When Dr. Rajan determines there are multiple factors involved and different treatment options exist, you will be invited back following your New Patient visit for a Follow Up Conference (Included at no additional cost).

This will give Dr. Rajan the opportunity to review all Findings and Options and answer your questions before deciding on a particular treatment plan and sequence.

Digital photos, radiographs, virtual 3D Model Scans and 3D printed models when necessary will be used in the comfort of our Private Consultation Room.  You will be part of the process and choose your treatment plan with Dr. Rajan.

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