How to Choose the Best Dentist

How to Choose the Best Dentist

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When choosing a new dentist, it’s wise to do your research, to ensure you find the best dentist for your needs. So, what indicators should you look for when choosing a dentist? It’s best to look for dentists who are experienced, offer the services you need, actively participate in raising the bar of excellence in the dental field, and have excellent online ratings and reviews. Here is a helpful guide to help you choose the best dentist in your area. 

Confirm Experience and Training

To find an excellent dentist in your area, begin by reviewing local dentists’ experience and training. How long have they been practicing? Did they earn any special recognition while in dental school? Have they earned a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (a designation held by only 7% of dentists nationwide, that requires more than 1000 hours of continuing dental education, and a rigorous examination)?

Ensure they Offer the Services You May Need or Want

It is helpful to find a dentist that offers comprehensive services. Even if you currently have good oral health, and are currently happy with the appearance of your smile, it’s smart to find a dentist that provides more than just general dentistry. The reason? Life happens. 

You may find that as time passes your teeth begin to yellow, and you want professional teeth whitening. An accident or other trauma can leave you needing a dental extraction and a dental implant, dental bridge, or a partial denture to replace the tooth. 

Teeth can crack, chip, and wear away as time goes on, so it’s reassuring to know that the dentist who has your oral history offers the treatments you may require in the future. After all, by the age of 65, 25% of people in the U.S. will have lost most of their teeth.  

Read Online Reviews of Dentists in Your Area

Online reviews of dentists in your area can provide a helpful overview of what to expect at the practice. Does a particular dentist you’re considering have mostly positive reviews online? What do patients have to say about the patient service, the doctor’s demeanor, and the results? Reading online reviews can provide excellent insight into how a dentist and their team are regarded by other patients.

Look for Dentists Who Are Active and Respected in the Dental Profession

Finally, you may opt to search for a dentist who is respected and involved in the dental profession. Do they guest lecture or teach? Have they been invited to speak at any prominent dental events? Are they involved in the local and national dental associations?  Are they sought out by notable companies and organizations for their expertise? Learning about a dentist’s standing in their field can point to their dedication to their profession and your oral health.

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