Teeth Whitening in Mendham

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Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic dental treatments for one simple reason: most patients experience yellowing, stains, and tooth discoloration at some point in their lives. While this discoloration can make you feel self-conscious about your smile, the good news is that it is easily treated with professional teeth whitening treatments.

At Dentistry of Mendham, we’re proud to offer our patients brighter smiles using the innovative GLO whitening system. GLO whitening uses heat and light acceleration technology to provide fast, easy results without causing painful tooth sensitivity.

GLO In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you want the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time, choose GLO in-office whitening treatments. You’ll be able to achieve a noticeably whiter smile in under an hour. A high-concentration professional-strength whitening gel is applied to your teeth, then we use GLO heat and light technology to enhance its effects.

GLO Take-Home Whitening Treatments

When you choose GLO take-home whitening treatments from Dentistry of Mendham, you’re not getting the same product available over-the-counter—instead you’re getting professional-strength whitening in the comfort of your own home, on your own time. Available exclusively from your dentist, the GLO Pro White Platinum teeth whitening kit comes with a GLO whitening device and gel. This at-home whitening kit can also be used to maintain the results of in-office whitening.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

What is the best whitener for your teeth?

After testing and researching a number of different treatments, Dr. Rajan has chosen to offer GLO whitening because he believes it is the best professional whitening treatment available. Unlike many competitors, GLO brightens smiles without causing painful tooth sensitivity.

Is professional teeth whitening worth it?

Yes, professional teeth whitening is worth it. Not only will you get more impressive results, you’re also less likely to suffer enamel damage, sensitivity, and soft tissue irritation when your teeth whitening is overseen by a dentist.

How can I get white teeth in one day?

If you want a whiter smile in a single day, choose our in-office GLO whitening treatments. In under an hour, you’ll be able to leave our office with a bright, radiant smile.

How can I whiten my teeth at home fast?

Although at-home whitening treatments can never match the speed of in-office teeth whitening, the GLO take-home whitening system has professional-grade bleaching gel, which allows you to get faster results than you would with the whitening kits you can purchase at drugstores or online.

Why are my teeth so yellow even though I brush them?

Poor oral hygiene isn’t the only reason teeth can become yellow. Coffee and tea, tobacco use, certain medications, and simply getting older can all cause your teeth to become discolored. 

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